Historical City Centre

While in Rimini, you don’t want to miss a walk through the historic centre of the town. Like any old European cities, Rimini has a wonderful Old Town. Next to the Tiberio Bridge is an area with very colourful buildings, small, narrow streets and incredible wall paintings. In a one-hour walk you can see most of Rimini's central attractions, such as Cavour square with its Pigna fountain as well as its palaces. Arco di Augusto (The Augustus Arch) is the oldest surviving Roman triumphal archway in existence. It highlights the importance of Rimini in the Roman world, and is the most iconic monument of classical Rimini.

Rimini Markets

Rimini has fantastic food and clothing markets open Wednesday and Saturday from 7:00 -13:00, 

There is also a n open antiques market open the last Sunday of every month. 

Trapped ! (

You are trapped with 60 minutes to escape, and with only a 3% success rate it's not gonna be easy! 

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Federico Fellini

Street after street, building after building, travelers will discover the places Fellini remembered, dreamed of and invented as the undisputed Master film director of international fame. Below is a description of the Rimini that Fellini knew, which now belongs to the world thanks to his films, though he never shot  a single metre of footage in Rimini itself. Rimini has a place in film history, and many remember the geographical locations and imaginary places of his films: the harbour, the beach, the Grand Hotel, Piazza Cavour, and the Fulgor cinema.

San Marino

Founded in the 4th century AD, San Marino prides itself on being one of the world’s oldest independent states. The country is tiny, with a total population of around 30,000 people and is home to UNESCO world heritage sites like Mount Titano, San Marino City and Borgo Maggiore. Only 1 hour away by bus, or 30 minutes by car.

The Surgeons House (La Domus Del Chirurgo)

La Domus Del Chirurgo is an archaelogical park opened to the public, comprising more than 700 square metres dedicated to telling 2000 years of the city's history. The most important find was that of a habitation of imperial times ( that is today called the domus "of the surgeon"owning to the profession of its last owner) which, as revealed by the over 150 surgical instruments brought to light, also included a taberna medica (Doctor's Surgery)

Rimini Beach

Rimini has one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe thanks to its 15-kilometer-long (9 mi) sandy beach, 100's of bars, restaurants and discos to choose from. The beach welcomes all types of people from babies to the very large. 

San Leo

San Leo has been awarded the title of one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, it is the heart of the historical region of Montefeltro and the town that gave it its name. Famed for various historical and geopolitical events, it has been the location for documentaries and films, is a popular tourist destination and a jewel of the province of Rimini and only a 1 hour bus journey from Rimini Centre by Bus.

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